We supply 100% renewable energy and have a team of professionals
within the national energy sector to help you and show
you the best solutions in energy efficiency.

Solar panels

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LED lighting

Still thinking about switching to
LED? You should know that
is a quick and easy way to save
on your electricity bill, as LEDs
have low energy consumption
compared to traditional lights.

Capacitor banks

Capacitor banks reduce reactive
power demand from the grid
to eliminate the resulting penalty
on the electricity bill.
If you are interested in installing them,
contact us for a personalised

Smart meters

Smart meters are used to record
actual electricity consumption readings,
controlling all the information at any time,
automatically and remotely.
As a customer, it gives you
more control over your energy

Boiler rooms

We offer refurbishment and
conversion of boiler rooms from
oil and coal to natural gas.

Air conditioning

We advise our clients
on the most optimal way 
to create the right indoor air 
temperature conditions.

Aerothermal energy

Aerothermal energy is based
on extracting energy from the ambient 
air using a system of heat pumps to reduce
the use of electricity.

Electric chargers

We also provide electric charger
services for residential use, and we
specialise in homeowners’ associations
and property managers, as well
as communal car parks.
We offer them also to companies,
shopping centres, petrol stations
and dealers.

Noa domo

For small businesses and companies,
as well as domestic users, at NOA Energy 
we combine home automation with 
electricity bonds and we have control 
equipment for our installations that 
allows us to control lighting, air conditioning 
or gas detection, among other functionalities. 
In this way, we help our customers 
to take advantage of the energy savings
from energy bonds. 
Contact us and we will advise you.

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